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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Do you know men also like to receive flowers, fresh bouquets & floral arrangements from dears on special occasions or how to choose ideal flowers for men? Today, qualified flower experts of Seaford Florist will give you some useful tips for buying masculine flowers.

Useful tips for buying men flowers/flower arrangements

Selecting flowers for men is always much more difficult than for women. However, if you know which should or which should avoid when choose flowers to masculine, it is easier. CP flower shop experts will give you some tips helping you choose best floral arrangements for men.

Choose appropriate colors and arrangements to send to men

Before sending flowers to a man, you do need to remember that all men often tend to prefer flowers in strong shapes and bold colors and they do not to receive flowers in pastels.  So, dendrobium orchid bouquets in white or purple, robust sunflower bouquets or tropical flowers like birds of paradise are great for guys.

Should understand symbol of flower types

Each of flower type has a certain meaning, so you do need keep in mind their meaning in order to select the best flowers/ flower arrangements for males, which helps you send appropriate messages to your man, as well as to avoid misunderstanding from receives. For example:
  • Chrysanthemums symbolize friendship
  • Daisies symbolize loyalty
  • Red roses symbolize romantic love
  • Yellow roses symbolize friendship
  • Alstroemeria symbolize devotion
  • Bamboo symbolize good luck

Choose ideal flowers by occasion

It is important to send ideal flowers to suit your requirements. It means that you should send appropriate flowers for occasions, special events.
There are several choices to send flowers for a guy’s birthday, such as Emerald garden, Bromeliad beauty, Island daydreams, Zen dreams, Gerbera brights, Twilight, Sunny Spot, Fly high, etc.
If you would like to send messages with meaning of your best wishes and congratulations to a man, there are some great options with Gerbera brights, Garden Oasis, Bright delight, Southern Sunshine, Glorious Gerberas.
Get Well Soon
If you would like to send cheerful bouquet of flowers, flower arrangements or fresh plants to a hospital patient or to a men feeling ill, so fresh plants, flowering plants: Delightful day, Green garden, Bromeliad beauty, Simply elegant
 or colorful flowers with Red/ White/ Blue flower arrangements/ bouquets are your ideal choice. You can choose to send Isle of White, Glorious Gerberas, Garden Oasis, Sunny Spot, Bright delight, etc.
Thank You
When you’d like to say thanks to some one, you should choose Purest intentions, Thanks a million, Twilight, White Beauty, Fiery Beauty
Send flower arrangements or plants to a man on anniversaries with free deliver service from PD flowers is a perfect choice for you. You can choose Sunset Dreams, Southern Sunshine , Sweet Treasure, Sweet Sorbet , Fiery Beauty.
Father’s Day
May be your father will be very happy when receive best flowers from the good daughters like you. And Sunset Dreams, Southern Sunshine, Garden Oasis, Thanks a millions, Green garden, Gerbera brights are wonderful flower gifts for your respect father. Seaford florist makes sure that our fresh flowers will meet your requirements, as well as make your father feel special on Father’s Day.

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