How to choose flowers for a woman

Every women like flowers so please be a gentlemen when sending them the beautiful bouquets. But it's not easy for a man to know if he sends the right messages on the right occasion and in the right relationship. This article will give you some advice to make the best decision in choosing flowers for a woman.

choose flowers for a woman

Determine the occasion

  • Traditional holidays like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc.
  • Important events in life such as Birthdays, Graduation day, New child's birth, Wedding day, or any Anniversaries
  • No special reasons, just want to say "thank you", or "I'm sorry", or just "thinking of you", etc.

Remember not to wait until the last minute to buy flowers on traditional holidays because you will find a very limited selection of quality arrangements.

Determine your relationship with her

Choose flowers for a woman

You are in a long-term relationship

If you are serious, think more about romantic flowers which display passion and love. Such flowers include red roses, lilies, petunias.

Choose flowers for a woman

However, you can make a variation of color or kind of flowers such as: yellow roses, red tulips, a mixture of roses or tulips with other flowers such as asters, pink alstroemeria, peonies.

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You like her a lot but you are not a couple

If you are not a couple but you adore her so much, you should choose more subtle colors such as purple, orange, etc. 

choose flower for a woman

Or you could pick something more unusual like Bird of Paradise.

Choose flowers for a woman

Bird Paradise represents joy and surprise paradise. That's a good idea for Valentine's or just before you two take a beach vacation. Apart from the one you give to her, you may buy one more for your home, too.

She is a female friend or colleague (or a first date)

Choose flower for a female friend or colleague

If she is a friend or colleague, you should choose flowers which present innocence and friendship, or something funny, cheerful, etc. Then reccomended flowers are yellow roses or tulips, sunflowers, daisies and freesia, and so on. 

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If it's a first date, a simple bouquet of fall flowers is a good choice. And you could enclose the card written like "I'm really glad I met you" or "I can’t wait to see you tonight."

She is a female relative

Your Mom, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, and daughters are bound to appreciate the beauty, delicacy and grace in a bouquet of fresh flowers. 

choose flower for mom

You should choose pink blooms that will show how much you care. For example, pink roses express gratitude, appreciation and admiration. Pink carnation, a symbol of maternal love, is a perfect choice for Mom.

Find out her favourite flowers or colors

The best thing is to find out her favourist flowers or al least her colors. If she adores lilies, you had better send her lilies in spite of the occasion and the relationship. That makes a girl surprised and be touched because you remembered her favorite kind.

Choose the flower shop 

The best choice for high quality and wide selection of flowers is visiting florist's shop. You can ask the florists to deliver flowers. It's more of an occasion to receive a delivery of flowers, especially in a public setting such as her office.

Choose flowers for a woman

However you can buy flowers from your local grocery store or sidewalk shop, or hospital or hotel gift shops. It's rather convenient but the quality of flowers is diminished. Flowers at these shops are past their prime and will not last as long.

Choose flowers for a woman

Besides, ordering flowers online is another option. It's very convenient but make sure you find the reputable florist.

Other things considered

  • A card: you can write something special on the card to remind her of the occasions or the relationship.
  • A potted plant, or cut flowers: some women prefer plants because they last much longer.
  • Balloons, teddy bears, chocolates etc. 

More things you should know

choose flowers for a woman

  • Handle the flowers carefully once your take them from a florist.
  • Make sure the flowers are neatly arranged.
  • Think of a cute and polite ways to give flowers to her.
  • You should not send flowers simply to impress someone. That's meaningless.
  • Be aware that sending flowers can not save a relationship.

In conclusion, you can follow our instructions and consult the florists for the best choice. Apart from the main shop in Collins street of Melbourne, we have some other florists for you such as florists in Seaford, Frankston, Chelsea Heights, Aspendale Gardens, etc. Consider your relationship status, her personality and her style when choosing the perfect gift for the best one.

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