How to choose flowers for a new baby

How to choose flowers for a new baby

New born baby occasion is the momenteous event of the parents, especially the first-time parents. A new arrival of the baby calls for a celebration. If you are wondering how to choose flowers for a new baby, this article will helps you out.

The first thing you must know is whether it's a baby boy or a baby girl

The very first step when choosing flowers for a new baby occasion is to find out its gender: a boy or a girl.

find out it is a boy or a girl

Traditionally, you can choose pink for girls and blue for boys or the mixture if it's the birth of boy and girl twins. However, in the modern life, you may think of flowers in other colors as provided that it has some suitable meanings. For example, you can choose flowers in meanings, or the color associated with the birth month.

The second thing you should consider is the arrangements

We suggest you some flowers types in pink or blue as followed

For a pink arrangement, you may think about such flowers as: Stargazer lilies, Bouvardia, Lizzyanthus, Sweet akito rose, Ruscus, Cymbidium, orchid,etc.

For a blue arrangement, you should consider such flowers as: Flox, Freesia, Thistles, Hyacinth,etc.

If you want to stick with pink and blue, there are also pink and dyed blue roses.

how to choose flowers for a new baby

Some flower meanings for new baby occasion

  • White roses denote purity and innocence 
  • Yellow roses signify care and joy.
  • Carnations reflect the feelings of happiness
  • White lilies stand for innocence and purity 
  • Daffodils stand for new life and new beginnings.

Flowers associated with the month

  1. January - Carnation 
  2. February - Iris 
  3. March - Daffodil 
  4. April - Daisy 
  5. May - Lily 
  6. June - Rose 
  7. July - Larkspur 
  8. August - Gladiola 
  9. September - Aster 
  10. October - Marigold 
  11. November - Chrysanthemum 
  12. December - Poinsettia

>>You may see Flowers meanings by birth month

Other elements such as container, accessories, etc.

Now you will decide whether your arrangement is put in a container or a bouquet. Basket or ceramic pot are good options for busy new mothers. Other way to show how much your care and happy for the newborn baby is sending a potted plant such as a miniature rose, which marks not only the birth but also the growth of the baby.

how to choose flowers for a new baby occasion

Besides, you can add balloons, a teddy bear, or box of chocolates, or even "pampers hamper"  to build on the theme.

Send something for every members in the family

In this big occasion, don't let any members of the family feel left out.

  • Something for Mum: pamper products, a nice bottle of champagne or wine, 
  • Something for Dad: chocolates, wine, a nice hamper of goodies
  • Something for Baby: A teddy, balloon or even a complete baby hamper is ideal for this purpose
  • Something for siblings: Teddies, kids pack hampers or even their own little pot plant


  • Make sure new parent is not allergic to flowers.
  • Keep away from flowers with powerful scents.
  • Remember to find out if any of parents does not like flowers.

If you are going to send flowers for a new baby occasion, please come to our CP Flower Shop and we will give you some pointers and suggestions to make the best decisions of floral arrangements for each members of the family. If you live in Frankston, we have a local florist in Frankston for you. Just call us at (61) 3 9654 3155