Flower meanings by colours - The meanings of flower colours

Flowers come in different colors, that makes the life lively and colorful. Do you know, colors can inspire us. Each color evokes a certain emotion in our heart. Hence, learning the meanings of flower colors is very helpful for us to send the best messages to the receivers.

White flowers

White flowers

A white flower is a symbol of the purity and innocence. This color has been long asscociated with the weddings and christenings. 

The most powerful flowers include white carnations, white orchids, white calla lilies, and white daisies. They all convey the pure, thoughtful love and  undying fidelity.

Black flowers

Black flowers

In nature, there is no flowers in black but only very dark shades of red, purple and blue. Black flowers are associated with secrets, magic and mystery, so It is particularly used in Halloween. Species of black flowers are Calla lilies, tulips, Kangaroo Paw, etc.

Red flowers

Red flowers

Red flower is a symbol of love and passion. Red is the color of seduction and desire. For example: red roses, red carnations, red tulips, and red gerbera daisies.  Apart from red roses, the rest all transmit desire and passion message.

Purple flowers

Purple flower

Purple flowers symbolize charm, grace, elegance, and refinement. It is associated with balance and loyalty. Besides, It is a wonderful gift for a new born baby or a young one’s birthday, and those who have realised an ambition or achieved something amazing recently . Some flowers in purple are tulips and sweet peas, lisianthus and delphinium, etc.

Orange flowers

orange flowers

Orange flowers offer happiness and joy, and also send the message of adventure. Orange is a color of autumn, Halloween and bonfire night, and a symbol of energy and confidence. Flowers in orange are roses, marigold and freesia etc.

Yellow flowers

yellow flowers

A yellow flower is a flower of friendship and filial love. It represent trust, compassion, and respect; therefore, a yellow flower is a common choice at the workplace to show appreciation for a job well done. Sometimes, this color of flowers is associated with sympathy and used to show your warmth and compassion and renew ties of friendship, even during difficult times.Some flowers in this color are yellow daffodils, lilacs and chrysanthemums, etc.

Green flowers

green flowers

Green flowers such as calla lilies, carnations, roses and tulips are a symbol for growth and good health. It is also the colour of good luck so it is a perfect choice for a congratulations, new home or new baby bouquet. 

Blue flowers 

blue flowers

Rich, deep blue hydrangea or iris offers serenity, and blue flowers are associated with calm. Blue flowers are the perfect gifts for birthdays, get well soon, and congratulation occasions. Some species are iris, cornflower, hyacinth and forget-me-nots.

Brown flowers

brown flowers

Less common than other colors, Brown flowers such as chrysanthemum and rose represent warmth and stability and applied for housewarming occasions.

Cream flowers

Cream flowers

Cream flowers signify thoughtfulness and charm, and are ideal for weddings and romantic engagements. This color can be found in alstroemeria, orchid and gypsophila species.