Lily Meanings - Meanings of lily flower

Lily is a popular flower for gifting purposes. Learning the meanings of lilies is neccessary for those who want to send flowers with the hidden messages. 

General information of lilies

lily meanings

  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Division: Magnoliophyta
  • Class: Liliopsida
  • Order: Liliales
  • Family: Liliaceae
  • Genus: Lilium

Meanings of lilies

Lilies traditionally present purity and refined beauty. The lily flowers with different colors can convey different meanings.

Peruvian lily : friendship and devotion

Peruvian lily meanings

White lily: modesty and virginity
white lily meaning

Orange lily: passion

Orange lily meaning

Yellow lily: gaiety

yellow lily meaning

Lily of the valley: sweetness and purity of heart

lily of the valley meaning

Easter lily: symbol of Virgin Mary

Easter Lily meanings

White stargazer lily: sympathy

White stargazer lily meaning

Pink stargazer lily : wealth and prosperity

Pink stargazer lily meaning

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